Our New Instrument - Verticale - Is Here!

Sonora Cinematic Verticale GUI

On International Piano Day, we are excited to release our latest Kontakt instrument - Verticale!

A unique take on the upright piano, Verticale is the only virtual instrument currently available that has been recorded with four layers of felt, what's more it features a unique Cassette signal (great for producing lo-fi music) and much more. It's certainly not 'just another' piano library!

In addition to the felted sounds which are rich and mellow, we also included a natural patch which delivers a pure and warm sound. Combined with the onboard features and effects, Verticale will take your music to new heights of cinematic emotion and lo-fi nostalgia.

One of these main features is the inclusion of the Cassette section. This was created by passing the samples to cassette through an old Portastudio set to record at high speed and then playing back the tape at minimum speed. The result is a pitch-shifted and warped sound: a great way to add a lo-fi patina to your music.

Of the release, Sonora Cinematic Founder Alessandro Mastroianni says, “I’ve always loved upright pianos, probably more than grands. There’s something special about their familiarity, their intimacy and their power to inspire music. Verticale is my take on this wonderful instrument.

We also think Verticale offers superb value for money with an introductory price of just £39 (normally £49) until 30th April.

Take a closer look and listen to Verticale here


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