New Release - Mezza Coda: Charming Baby Grand

Mezza Coda GUI


The baby grand counterpart to Verticale is here! 

Mezza Coda offers a rich and authentic sound that captures the nuances and beauty of a baby grand piano which is enhanced by the warmth and character of two unique signal layers...

In addition to the Cassette layer (also included with Verticale) which is great for adding a vintage vibe and a touch of grit, Mezza Coda has a second unique signal layer - Distbox – which adds a unique character and texture to the sound of the piano, perfect for adding an edge to your music or creating lo-fi vibes.

Just like Verticale, Mezza Coda offers three different mic positions, all stereo pairs: room and two different spot mics. There is a pair of ribbons and a pair of large diaphragm condensers which will give you complete control over the tonal character of the piano. 

And of course, there's a choice of inbuilt FX to take your creativity even further.

Sonora Cinematic Mezza Coda is available now with introductory pricing for a limited time. It sounds beautiful when layered with Verticale – add both products to your basket and pay just £69 for the pair until 30th June 2023!

Click here to find out more about Mezza Coda

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