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Panorama Guitars by Sonora Cinematic

For Kontakt Player 7.7+ (free download)

Guitars Are Meant To Tell Stories...

Panorama Guitars is a Kontakt Player virtual instrument born from a love of the guitar textures of post-rock and shoegaze acts, sounds that have inspired a plethora of music for media in the last three decades.

Encapsulating these iconic sounds ready for you to shape using our bespoke Aria engine, this versatile and cinematic modern post-rock guitar instrument is capable of fitting seamlessly into pop, rock, lo-fi hip-hop, and any project that requires pristine clean or crunchy guitar tones. 

Panorama Guitars offers a captivating tapestry of evocative and atmospheric guitar textures and soundscapes. From haunting arpeggios and moving melancholy melodies to warm and soulful tones, these instruments add layers of cinematic depth to enrich your compositions and mesmerise your listeners.

Best of all, this virtual instrument knows no bounds; import your own samples and utilise the Aria engine’s extensive controls and effects to create your own vast and distinct palette of sounds.

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"Sonora Cinematic have expertly crafted a stunningly beautiful and exciting guitar library. If you are looking for gorgeous guitar ambiences and crystal clear playable guitars, this is a library you should certainly check out!" - The Sampleist

Guitars used for the recording of Panorama Guitars

The Recordings

We meticulously deep-sampled five classic electric guitar models, a beautiful baritone guitar, and a stunning electric bass.

Each instrument was played through a curated selection of guitar amps and pedals and captured with high-end microphones and preamplifiers to ensure the highest fidelity.

We also collaborated with experimental ambient artist Elif Yalvac whose unique approach has infused Panorama Guitars with avant-garde textures and ambient soundscapes, providing you with a diverse palette of sounds to explore.

Guitar Pedals
Miked amps

"If you happen to be looking for a lush, ambient sounding cinematic guitar, that is easily capable of carrying your melodic theme with bags of atmosphere, then Panorama Guitars may well tick all of your boxes." - KK Access

Panorama Guitars Main Gui

The Aria Engine

At the heart of Panorama Guitars lies our bespoke Aria Engine which is full of modulation possibilities and expressive effects as well as ways to mangle your own samples.

Get started by browsing a diverse array of sounds from ‘Ambient Trem’, ‘Huge Wash’ and ‘Shimmer Pulse’ to ‘Post Rock Fuzz’, ‘Crusty Ambience’, ‘Lo-Fi Junky’ and many more. Pick one for each of the two available slots and create ever evolving textures and soundscapes using the intuitive integrated XY pad.

Go further by layering or crossfading articulations, add two independent filters and assign any parameter to be controlled by either the X or Y axis: the limit is your creativity.

Panorama Guitars LFOs

Make It Move...

Despite the sleek and simple interface, the creative options don’t end there! Panorama Guitars offers additional depth with two step sequencers for the filters and per-layer LFOs empowering you to infuse rhythmic movement and modulation into your compositions.

Experiment With FX

Shape your audio further with three effects slots and an impressive FX panel which adjusts according to the effect selected – experiment with different combinations and fine-tune your sounds with ease.

Panorama Guitars FX
Panorama Guitars  samples.jpg__PID:6153bc1f-ed6f-4dda-aebc-08706d32e2ae

Import Your Own Sounds

Capture your unique artistic expression by recording your own XY motions, store them as presets and adjust their playback speed. What’s more, you can even import your own samples for limitless creativity! 

Panorama Guitars - Key Features

  • Developed for the Free Kontakt Player: Fully compatible with Kontakt Player version 7.7+.
  • Full NKS Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Native Instruments' Komplete Kontrol and Maschine hardware.
  • Massive Content Library: Over 5GB of meticulously sampled content
  • Diverse Sound Sources: A collection of 40 sound sources crafted from five classic electric guitars, a baritone, and an electric bass, all played through four premium amplifiers and a wide array of pedals.
  • High-End Capture: Recorded in a top-tier studio with several high-end microphones and preamps to ensure impeccable sound quality.
  • Expansive Preset Library: Comes with 50 expertly crafted presets to kickstart your creativity.
  • Powered by the Aria Engine: Hosted in our powerful and flexible Aria engine, providing you with intuitive controls and endless sound-shaping possibilities.

Sonora Cinematic Panorama Guitars works with the free Kontakt Player 7.7+ (available for download here).

Aria Bundle

Also available...

The Aria Bundle delivers the enchanting vocal-based Aria Vocalscapes with the spellbinding cinematic and post-rock offerings of Panorama Guitars – it's a combination that can't fail to breathe new life into your music!

This duo of captivating virtual instruments is delivered in our bespoke Aria engine which not only offers an array of stunning sounds and creative effects and controls, but also the ability for you to load your own samples for truly limitless possibilities.


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin Mathieu
An inspiring, cinematic guitar library

It's easy to find beautiful, inspiring sounds right out of the gate with the included presets, and the sleek UI makes exploring all of the wonderful layers and FX options a pleasure. I feel instantly creative the moment I start playing.

Thanks Justin, we're so thrilled to hear that!

It's just great!

Instantly cinematic! Great sound! Great vibe and most importantly, inspirational. It puts you in the right headspace and saves you time.

Thank you John!

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