Harmonic Bloom

Harmonic Bloom by Sonora Cinematic

For Kontakt Player 7+ (free download)

Turn Noise Into Music

New v1.3 free update released! We've added another 78 presets exclusively created by 5 exceptionally talented artists - more details below...

Sonora Cinematic Harmonic Bloom for the free Kontakt Player exploits the concept of the harmonic series to turn noise into unique and distinctive musical material that can be used in your compositions.

From calm and reflective organic soundscapes to dark and imposing mechanical pads and textures, Harmonic Bloom offers an awe-inspiring array of sound design possibilities – and that’s just with the built-in noises and sound sources! Import your own samples into the easy to use interface to craft rich, complex and captivating instruments like no other.

What's more, thanks to a recent update, you can now save patches that use your own samples as snapshots and recall them in your DAW session.

"The combination of the Main samples and the harmonics coaxed from the Noise section can make for some hauntingly beautiful sounds, from ethereal pianos and plucks to warm and washy pads. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first encountered Harmonic Bloom but I’ve quickly grown to like it very much and I suspect that musicians into ambient styles of composition will find it especially attractive. 5/5"
Paul White, Sound on Sound

Sound on Sound 5 Stars

"Start with chaos, end up with order. Harmonic Bloom carves its niche incredibly well but can go further if pushed. Really though, if you want your sounds from dreamland, then this is your go-to plugin"
Computer Music magazine

Harmonic Bloom GUI
Harmonic Bloom GUI

"This instrument should not go unheard. Really beautiful design and amazing timbers. It’s great “out of the box” but really shines when importing your own sounds. It will not replace your legato-piano ;) but it’s an incredible exciter to dull orchestral pads and that’s just scratching the surface."
Anders Wall, Harmonic Bloom customer

How It Works

Drag and drop any “noisy” sample into the GUI or choose from one of the 30 included flavours of noise and simply start extracting harmonics from these chaotic waveforms to obtain a musical pitch.

That’s just the beginning… use the plethora of built-in LFOs to independently modulate the panning, volume and filters of each single harmonic. Creating lush, evolving soundscapes is as easy as turning just a few knobs!

The noise is only half the story of this incredible tool. Add a second layer from a curated selection of deep sampled sound sources ranging from rare instruments to classic analog synths, guitars to reamped acoustic instruments and more.

Ever wondered how a French horn played through an electric guitar tube amp sounds like? How about a classic analog synth from the ‘60s passed on cassette and through a granular processor? With Harmonic Bloom there are numerous combinations with which to explore and experiment. Check out the video below to experience some of the sounds...

It’s a very unique experimental library. It combines noise and pitched samples in a very unique way - I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done where we have these different harmonic layers at least. It’s really, really good stuff."

Whether you want to achieve a heavenly, ethereal and delicate soundscape, powerful, ominous and disturbing textures, or just looking for something to inspire a new piece of music, Harmonic Bloom is a spectacular sound design playground.

"I produced Harmonic Bloom to make available to everybody what I like to call a ‘creative sound design environment’ – a playground that will allow composers and sound designers to make sounds that are completely unique and different from what’s out there.

Using filters with high resonance values tuned to specific frequencies is something I have done for my own projects numerous times – it's an incredible way to extract pitches out of noise. This tool makes the process easy and creative... and it comes with a plethora of amazing sound sources that we collated for the occasion! My real hope though is that users will utilise it as a device to transform their own samples into playable instruments, creating their own personal palette of sounds like no other." -
Alessandro Mastroianni, Sonora Cinematic

Harmonic Bloom works with the free Kontakt Player 7+ (available for download here).

These deep-sampled instruments are as varied as they are bizarre. Analog synths, guitars, reamplified acoustic instruments, a horn passed through a guitar amp or degraded instruments in a cassette player. The results are organic sounds which are ideal for producing textures, pads and other worlds in sound design and music.
Pierre Esteve, Keyboards Recording magazine

"I really enjoy using this plugin, it’s really great for doing custom sound design. [...] Incredible, highly recommended...."
The Sampleist


Harmonic Bloom v1.3 features 78 additional presets created exclusively for us by five exceptionally talented artists to give you even more creative possibilities and inspiration. Let's take a closer look at who they are and what they think of Harmonic Bloom...

r beny

r beny

r beny is the ambient electronics project of Northern California-based artist Austin Cairns. Drawing upon the ineffable wonder and volatility of nature and emotion, r beny braids synthesizers, samplers, and tape loops to a chorus of texture and melody carved out of a sea of noise. Check out some of his work here.

Of this project he says “Turning field recordings into pitched audio with Harmonic Bloom's filterbank is a fun and rewarding process. I'm always on the lookout for ways to incorporate nature into synthesis and I found Harmonic Bloom to be an exceptional tool in this field."

Si Begg

Si Begg

Widely respected for his genre-defying rule breaking, his forward-thinking creativity and his pioneering technical skill, Si Begg has carved a reputation for himself as both artist and DJ, and now award winning composer for film and television including scoring the Netflix show 'Tour de France: Unchained" and high profile trailers including Blade Runner 2049, Jason Bourne, and Oscar winner Parasite, to name just a few.

Of Harmonic Bloom, Si says “It’s so refreshing to have a Kontakt library that does not sound like anything else on the market, unique, intriguing and sounds great!



Acclaimed Radiophonic Workshop collaborator and Brighton-based electronic producer MATTHS (Matt Hodson) presents dark, brooding and extreme techno. Using a bespoke modular synth setup, his live show then re-works the songs, as he reprograms the melodies through different filters and oscillators, re-interpreting them into sometimes very different beasts. Check him out here.

Inspiration and vibe hits hard with this one - such a simple premise but the process and output can keep you going for days. Harmonic Bloom has quickly become my go to for producing complex textures that were hard to manifest previously.

Elif Yalvaç

Elif Yalvaç

UK-based Turkish artist Elif Yalvaç creates music using an array of instruments including guitars, synthesizers, field recordings, and Game Boy. Her music has received international acclaim and, in addition to composition, performance, and production, she teaches electronic music at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. You can listen to Elif’s work here.

Harmonic Bloom is a great tool if you want to design unique sounding ambient scapes that stand out in the crowd of the endless sounds that keep popping up in our world now. Not even mentioning the user-friendliness in it, it is quite simple to use and you can create sophisticated sounds through a simple tool.

Patricia Wolf

Patricia Wolf

Patricia Wolf is a musician, sound designer, field recordist and DJ residing in Portland, Oregon. Wolf’s work sonically unites natural and modern worlds, integrating ecological sources into her minimalist compositions. Using melody and repetition, she conjures vivid textures and atmospheres imbued with emotion. Check out Patricia’s work on Bandcamp here

Harmonic Bloom is an excellent tool for anyone who creates atmospheric music and soundscapes. It allows you to easily drag and drop in your own samples too which makes intricate sound design for your project simple, more personal, and fun. I love how easy it is to make hybrid instruments out of samples and field recordings.”

Expand Your Noise Palette

Fieldworks Volume 1 is a diverse and versatile collection of raw and processed royalty free experimental field recordings that you can drag and drop in to Harmonic Bloom.

From the mesmerising sound of bath bombs dissolving in water meticulously captured through a pair of high quality hydrophones to earth movements recorded with a geophone, Fieldworks Vol 1 is packed with extraordinary sonic textures.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fantastic idea, great sound, some annoyances

I bought Harmonic Bloom 10 months ago, and it’s become one of my favorite Kontakt instruments. It is truly unique (there’s only a small handful of plugins implementing a similar idea of harmonics/partials) and open-ended, since we can use our own samples.
The “annoyances” mentioned in the title all have to do with the UI. Number 1: when using a custom sample in either engine, HB displays it as “(user sample)”. Why isn’t the actual filename displayed? This is more than just a little confusing: when you return to a project later, there is no way to know what custom sample was used.
Number 2, I’m finding that the very small knobs are hard to operate with smoothness or precision. Ther’s a lot of room on the main page, the volume and ADSR knobs could easily be much bigger. So could the knobs on the FX page, at least a little.
With that, I’d give it 4 and a half stars, but that’s not an option 😊. I do like it a lot and keep hoping for a small UI update.

Thanks for your sharing your thoughts M.J. and we're very happy to hear that it has become one of your favourites! These are useful, valid points and we'll aim to bear them in mind when we work on the next update.


I loved Harmonic Bloom on first hearing it. It's swiftly become an essential tool in my creative process. Highly recommended.

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