Harmonic Bloom - First Reviews Are In!

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Our sound design Kontakt Player instrument Harmonic Bloom has become one of our best selling releases to date and judging by the verdicts in these first reviews, the press can see why!

What Is Harmonic Bloom?

Harmonic Bloom exploits the concept of the harmonic series to turn noise into unique and distinctive musical material that can be used in your compositions.

From calm and reflective organic soundscapes to dark and imposing mechanical pads and textures, Harmonic Bloom offers an awe-inspiring array of sound design possibilities – and that’s just with the built-in noises and sound sources! Import your own samples into the easy to use interface to craft rich, complex and captivating instruments like no other!


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"...the combination of the Main samples and the harmonics coaxed from the Noise section can make for some hauntingly beautiful sounds, from ethereal pianos and plucks to warm and washy pads. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first encountered Harmonic Bloom but I’ve quickly grown to like it very much and I suspect that musicians into ambient styles of composition will find it especially attractive. 5/5" - Paul White, Sound on Sound Read the review in full here


Keyboards Recording magazine

These deep-sampled instruments are as varied as they are bizarre. Analog synths, guitars, reamplified acoustic instruments, a horn passed through a guitar amp or degraded instruments in a cassette player. The results are organic sounds which are ideal for producing textures, pads and other worlds in sound design and music.“ - Pierre Esteve, Keyboards Recording

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"The end results, then, can go wherever you wish, though there’s no doubting Harmonic Bloom’s ambient leanings. Some pads are straight off an Eno album (or are an Eno album!) and pretty much all of the supplied 100+ presets are about atmosphere and emotion. You get big lush sounds and cinematic soundscapes, and although the remit within that is pretty wide, you won’t be using Bloom for minimal techno (unless it’s the dreamy ambient strand!).

Harmonic Bloom carves its niche incredibly well but can go further if pushed. Really though, if you want your sounds from dreamland, then this is your go-to plugin." - Computer Music

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It’s a very unique experimental library. It combines noise and pitched samples in a very unique way - I don’t think I’ve ever seen it done where we have these different harmonic layers at least. It’s really, really good stuff. 

You can import your own samples and play around with the different harmonic layers which I think is a huge addition and makes this library well worth the price. Not your typical Kontakt library!” - SampleLibraryReview (watch the video in full below)

"I really enjoy using this plugin, it’s really great for doing custom sound design. [...] Incredible, highly recommended...." - The Sampleist

Look out for more reviews coming soon! In the meantime, you can find out more about Harmonic Bloom here

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