Poiesis Cello: an attitude to uniqueness.

We love organic textures and we love extended techniques: this is why we made Poiesis Cello. Poiesis Cello will allow you to instantly create beautiful soundscapes that will inspire new music the first time you touch the keyboard.

Recorded in a dry studio with three high-end microphones placed relatively close to the instrument, to offer an intimate sound that you can shape as you please.

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Poiesis Cello features two different patches:
- Textures is a two-layer instrument that allows you to choose between any of the 43 included articulations for each of the layers and freely crossfade between them using your keyboard’s mod-wheel (midi CC#1).
- Shorts is a complementary patch that features three velocity-sensitive short articulations sampled with 5 round robins and 3 dynamic layers (+ snap pizz. on the pizzicato articulation.

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Sonora Cinematic is a home for the sample libraries produced by composer and sound designer Alessandro Mastroianni.

Our mission is to inspire you to write music the moment you touch the keyboard.

We collaborate with musicians and audio professionals to make creative tools for like-minded sound manglers.

We're based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, UK.