Fieldworks Vol 1 Released And Exclusive Customer Deals

We've just released Fieldworks Volume 1 - a collection of of raw and processed experimental field recordings (as wav files) which you can use for your music and sound design. They're especially intriguing when dragged into Harmonic Bloom's Noise Layer! 

Fieldworks Vol 1 collage of field recordings footage

What's Inside?

The mesmerizing sound of bath bombs dissolving in water, earth movements, coffee brewing, washing machines, metal chains, clinking ice cubes and much more - all captured with specialist microphones resulting in some extraordinary sonic textures to add interest to your audio.

How Much Is It?

Fieldworks Volume 1 is £10, however Harmonic Bloom customers can buy it for just £5 with code FIELDW5.

If you bought Harmonic Bloom from one of our resellers, please contact us with proof of purchase and we'll send you a code.

Experimental LoFi Bundle

More Deals!

We've also released the Experimental Lo-Fi bundle featuring Harmonic Bloom, Fieldworks Vol 1 and our Verticale Heartwarming Upright piano.

If you already own one of the included products, the following deals are for you!

Already own Harmonic Bloom? Get Verticale AND Fieldworks for just £30 with code VERT30 (saves 49%!)

Already own Verticale? Get Harmonic Bloom AND Fieldworks for just £70 with code HBLOOMUP (saves 45%!)

NOTE: You must add both products (ie Verticale AND Fieldworks or Harmonic Bloom AND Fieldworks) to your cart for the code to work!

If you didn't buy Verticale or Harmonic Bloom from us, please contact us with proof of purchase and we'll get you sorted.

Offers end 20th October 2023

Harmonic Bloom and Verticale GUIS

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