New Modular Synthesis Video Series & Free Kontakt Instrument!

We've teamed up with the folks at Film Scoring Tips to bring you a brilliant new video series hosted by Sonora Cinematic Founder and synth aficionado, Alessandro Mastroianni.

In this series we’ll go on a journey to explore the wonderful world of modular synthesis as well as sharing tons of tips for making your own Kontakt instruments and samples. Plus, check out our exciting free instrument available now!

Alessandro kicks things off by busting some of the myths commonly associated with modular synthesizers including...

  • You can’t get into modular without spending lots of money.
  • You can’t get started with just one module. 
  • Modular synthesis is complicated. 
  • Modular synths are impossible to integrate in a film scoring workflow.
  • Modular synths are a waste of time.

Click here to start watching the videos in our Guide To Modular Synthesisers For Media Composers series.

Alessandro Mastroianni

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