New Video Series!

A Guide To Modular Synthesisers For Media Composers

We've teamed up with Film Scoring Tips to bring you a brilliant new video series hosted by Sonora Cinematic Founder and synth aficionado, Alessandro Mastroianni.

In this series we’ll go on a journey to explore the wonderful world of modular synthesis as well as sharing tons of tips for making your own Kontakt instruments and samples.

What's more, as part of this series, we've developed a brand new Kontakt instrument and it's completely FREE! Aria Libera features the beautiful humming of singer Emma May Price processed through a granular modular synthesiser. The result is an inspiring and effortless tool for adding beautiful vocal textures, atmospheres or pads to your underscores. You can download it for free here.

Let’s get started by busting some myths commonly associated with modular synthesizers in Part 1...

In Part 2 of this series, Alessandro talks about a good entry point for modular synthesizers...

In part 3, Alessandro introduces the concept of control voltage (CV), the language that modules use to communicate with each other, and starts adding modulation to the granular vocals. He then guides you step by step in the process of making your very own virtual instrument in Kontakt (with crossfades!) without a single line of code!

In part 4, Alessandro delivers a complete guide to choosing your perfect Eurorack case and power supply... all in just 10 minutes!

In part 5, Alessandro explores triggers and gates in Eurorack. What are the differences between these two types of CV signals, often used for similar purposes but intrinsically different?

In part 6, we continue our journey in modular synthesis exploring the power of envelopes and LFOs. Alessandro starts with building a basic synth voice and move towards more adventurous territories… modulation is fun!

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