Atlas Flutes World Winds Toolbox is here!

Add woodwinds to your musical creations in new and exciting ways.

We are so pleased to announce the release of our next Kontakt Player instrument - Atlas Flutes World Winds Toolbox!

Atlas Flutes was developed in collaboration with German film composer Christoph Zirngibl for his score on the hugely successful animation film Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia - out in UK cinemas now!

I had been searching for these specific flute sounds I heard from my favourite James Horner scores for years. I had a ton of fun using Atlas Flutes in some of my recent scores and I’m extremely excited being able to finally share this with fellow composers.” - Christoph Zirngibl

Atlas Flutes interfaces

This captivating instrument for the free Kontakt Player is inspired by the work of legendary film composer James Horner and features six instruments, plus never-sampled-before articulations and a unique Performance Mode which makes it possible to add woodwinds to your musical creations in new and exciting ways. 

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