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Aria Vocalscapes by Sonora Cinematic

For Kontakt Player 7.7+ (free download)

Breathtaking Vocal Vistas

Introducing Aria: Vocalscapes where ambient, cinematic, and experimental vocals converge in an inspiring and easy to use instrument for adding beautiful vocal textures, atmospheres or pads to your music.

Featuring vocals by classically trained soprano Emma May Price, you can effortlessly evoke a myriad of emotions with soundscapes laden with haunting tension, trepidation, and anticipation, or ethereal melodies that captivate with their beauty and grace. 

v1.1 Update Just Released!
Now with 20 fresh new snapshots, new per-layer LFO to PAN modulation, an improved user sample import experience and more! More details below..

Aria Vocalscapes Main GUI

A Brand New Engine

At the heart of Aria: Vocalscapes lies our brand new bespoke Aria Engine for Kontakt Player which is full of modulation possibilities and expressive effects as well as ways to mangle your own samples!

Get started by browsing a diverse array of articulations from traditional “Aah” and “Mmh” to heavily processed vocals, pick one for each of the two available slots and create ever evolving vocal-based soundscapes using the intuitive integrated XY pad.

Go further by layering or crossfading articulations, add two independent filters and assign any parameter to be controlled by either the X or Y axis: the limit is your creativity.

Aria Vocalscapes Step Sequencers, Filters and LFOs

Make It Move...

Despite the sleek and simple interface, the creative options don’t end there! Aria: Vocalscapes offers additional depth with two step sequencers for the filters and per-layer LFOs empowering you to infuse rhythmic movement and modulation into your compositions.

Experiment With FX

Shape your audio further with three effects slots and an impressive FX panel which adjusts according to the effect selected – experiment with different combinations and fine-tune your sounds with ease.

Aria Vocalscapes FX GUI
Articulations User Zone GUI

Import Your Own Sounds

Capture your unique artistic expression by recording your own XY motions, store them as presets and adjust their playback speed. What’s more, you can even import your own samples for limitless creativity! Check out the video below to see how...

If you were captivated by the magic of Aria Libera, prepare to be mesmerised by Aria Vocalscapes.

"Aria Vocalscapes is an inspiring and creative product to use, thanks to its diversity and musicality, which stems from the initial sample content. It ships with a large number of presets but, for my money, it’s at its most creative when you dive in to the instrument and edit or create your own palette." - 5/5
- Sound on Sound

New in Aria Vocalscapes v1.1 (Released May 2024)

  • Improved user sample import experience, with automatic pitch detection of the sample dropped and a new option to have the user sample either looped or one-shot.
  • If activated, the motion controller is now running only when a note is actually being played.
  • New per-layer LFO to PAN modulation available.
  • 20 new snapshots.
  • All non-pitched articulation are now monophonic to avoid the phasing issues that could occasionally happen when playing chords with those articulations.
  • Minor bug fix and minor GUI improvements.
  • NOTE: the new features means that sessions saved with the older version of the engine might sound slightly different if opened after the update. For this reason we recommend existing users finish their project before updating, or render to audio the parts in question.

Sonora Cinematic Aria: Vocalscapes works with the free Kontakt Player 7.7+ (available for download here).


Also available...

The Aria Bundle delivers the enchanting vocal-based Aria Vocalscapes with the spellbinding cinematic and post-rock offerings of Panorama Guitars – it's a combination that can't fail to breathe new life into your music!

This duo of captivating virtual instruments is delivered in our bespoke Aria engine which not only offers an array of stunning sounds and creative effects and controls, but also the ability for you to load your own samples for truly limitless possibilities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Timo Peedu
Aria Vocalscapes

Wonderful instrument. I’m already using it on my new piece


Great sound

Expressive, and not just vocals

The soundscapes are beautiful and the presets are worth experimenting with. Recording "Takata" reversed in your DAW is wonderful, too. The engine really shines when you record your own samples. I have experimented with two guitar samples which are simple different diatonic chords with same root note putting them into A and B slots. Changed the offset between them to -4, and added a varying frequency (on Controller 1) on the LFO. Play a recorded X and Y pattern, and the sounds are ethereal.
Well done!

Thank you so much for your review, it's really interesting to hear how you've been experimenting with your own samples and we hope it continues to be a great source of inspiration!

Good value, well designed interface, easy to use.

This is easy to use and very flexible. The ability to add your own samples, and the amount of automation available, has created a really flexible tool with a great deal of potential depth, if and when you want it. All backed wih a simple PDF manual that is an exemplary mix of clarity and brevity.

Thank you so much, this is great to hear!

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