Poiesis Cello: a preview.

NKS Kontakt Player Poiesis Cello

We are happy to share the first official demo for Poiesis Cello, our new solo cello library.

Listen to "Fata Morgana" by Tristan Jakob-Hoff:

Poiesis Cello is the first chapter in our new Poiesis Series, solo strings recorded in a dry ambience with an exceptionally detailed and intimate sound.
The cello focuses on sustained notes sampled in a huge variety of articulations, short articulations are also available.
The engine allows you to choose any two articulations and freely crossfade between them.
Poiesis Cello is a Kontakt Player instrument.

The studio, the musician and the instrument
Poiesis Cello was recorded at The WavLab Studio in Fort Mill, SC at 96kHz/24bit (downsampled to 48kHz/24bit) using three high-end microphones and ultra clean preamps.

The signals available are:
LDC: large diaphragm condenser (Neumann U87)
RBN: ribbon (AEA R84A)
SDC: small diaphragm condenser (Schoeps CMC mk4)

MIX: a pre-rendered left-centre-right Stereo Mix of the three microphones.

The musician is Alan Black, Charlotte Symphony’s principal cellist playing a 1995 Moes & Moes cello, originally built for and owned by Yo-Yo Ma.

Full Articulations list

1 - Textures:


- normale
- supersoft poco vibrato
- Con Sordino mp
Trem Sul Tasto pp
- Trem mp
Trem f
- Con Sord Trem p
- Con Sord Trem f

Sul Tasto
Sul Tasto mp
Sul Tasto f
Con Sord Sul Tasto mp
Con Sord Sul Tasto f

Sul Ponticello
Sul Pont mp
Sul Pont f
Con Sord Sul Pont mp
Con Sord Sul Pont f

- Harmonics p
Harmonics mf
Con Sord Harmonics p
Con Sord Harmonics mf

- Textural Rebowed
- Textural Sparse
- Textural Medium
- Textural Dense

Tratto & Extended Techniques
- Col legno tratto
- Play Behind Bridge
- Pluck Behind Bridge
- Circular Bowing
- Bow on Tailpiece

- Motions 1/2
- Motions 1/4
- Motions 1/8
- Motions 1/12

- Sul tasto Motions 1/2
- Sul tasto Motions 1/4
- Sul tasto Motions 1/8
- Sul tasto Motions 1/12

- Sul pont Motions 1/2
- Sul pont Motions 1/4
- Sul pont Motions 1/8
- Sul pont Motions 1/12

- Flautando mp
- Con Sord Flautando mp

2 - Shorts:
- Spiccato
- Staccato
- Pizzicato (velocity=127 triggers Bartok pizz.)

Coming (very) soon!


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