DRONAR Metal & Glass is half price!

Broken cymbals, Tibetan bowls, marbles, bottles, chains, magnets and more "played" with a cello bow, hit with sticks, mallets or played against each other then processed in various ways... this is DRONAR Metal & Glass, an instrument packed with audio opportunities ranging from perfectly pure and airy sounds to distorted and dark textures.

Combining these sounds with DRONAR's powerful, easy to use engine, you can build rich, complex and dramatic atmospheres from just a singe note. 

Easily and quickly craft disquieting, anxiety-inducing audio for your latest thriller, sci-fi or horror production or forge interesting textures for your cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks.

DRONAR Metal & Glass

"Metal & Glass does dark, sinister and unsettling very well. However, in addition, there are also some more uplifting and dreamlike sounds amongst the preset collection as well as some very usable bass, arp and ‘pulse’ sounds." - Sound on Sound

"There are pads to die for, some simple, some more complex..." - Music Tech

This month, you can save a huge 50% off DRONAR Metal & Glass - now just £29.98 (inc VAT)!

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