Aria Vocalscapes v1.1 Update Released

Aria Vocalscapes is our latest virtual instrument which combines ambient, cinematic, and experimental vocals recorded by classically trained soprano Emma May Price, with our powerful new Aria Engine allowing you to experiment and create unusual and beautiful soundscapes and textures for your music.

The reaction from customers has been fantastic with an ever-growing number of 5 star reviews (see them all on our product page)...

" The soundscapes are beautiful and the presets are worth experimenting with."

"Wonderful instrument. I’m already using it on my new piece."

"This is easy to use and very flexible. The ability to add your own samples, and the amount of automation available, has created a really flexible tool with a great deal of potential depth."
Aria Vocalscapes Main GUI.png__PID:2846c9b9-92c2-4160-b8bd-0db6dfa89f64

New Update Released!

Aria Vocalscapes v1.1 delivers 20 fresh new snapshots, new per-layer LFO to PAN modulation, an improved user sample import experience and more. See the full list below. The update is free for existing users - simply update via Native Access.

Please note: the new features mean that sessions saved with the older version of the engine might sound slightly different if opened after the update. For this reason we recommend existing users finish their project before updating, or render to audio the parts in question.


The v1.1 update includes... 

  • Improved user sample import experience, with automatic pitch detection of the sample dropped and a new option to have the user sample either looped or one-shot.
  • If activated, the motion controller is now running only when a note is actually being played.
  • New per-layer LFO to PAN modulation available.
  • 20 new snapshots.
  • All non-pitched articulation are now monophonic to avoid the phasing issues that could occasionally happen when playing chords with those articulations.
  • Minor bug fix and minor GUI improvements.

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