Modular Explorations for Kontakt 6
Modular Explorations for Kontakt 6

Modular Explorations for Kontakt 6


Creativity or Experimental Madness

Modular Explorations is a collection of inspiring and unique textures and loops created on a modular Eurorack system. 

Modular synthesizers are true inspiration machines, worlds of happy mistakes, experiments and pure creativity. The only problem with them is that they’re hard to program, expensive and there’s no such thing as presets recalling!

Our goal with Modular Explorations was to enclose a generous sprinkling of modular magic dust in a handy virtual instrument that you can load up as you please on a Kontakt instance.

Bleeps, basses, keys and evolving rhythms meticulously programmed, edited and recorded so they’re readily available for your music.

From cinematic production to experimental and ambient, anywhere you need fresh and truly unique sounds, Modular Explorations comes in handy.



Loops and pads carefully programmed and samples.


A simple but incredibly creative FX section that you can trigger via keyswitch to create some cool rhythmic effects.


A taste of modular synthesis made easy, and inexpensive!

Modular Explorations GUI
ProductModular Explorations
Size175 MB
Kontakt version (min.)6.4.1 full (does not work with free Kontakt Player) 
Immediate download w/ Pulse
Built-in EffectsReverb, diffusion, distortion, stereo spread, delay