Little Amber Free Edition by SwishSwoosh

Little Amber Free Edition by SwishSwoosh

Requires the free Kontakt Player v7+ (free download)


Little AMBER is the baby brother of AMBER – a versatile Kontakt Player tool for crafting dark spine-chilling soundscapes with ease. Eerie atmospheres or suspenseful audio is just a touch away - download it for free and when you're ready for more get AMBER for even more features and sounds!

Note: the product details, videos and audio demos below have been created for/with the full (paid for) version of AMBER.

Released in collaboration with SwishSwoosh, AMBER presents an easy-to-use interface and masterfully pre-produced sounds making it simple for anyone to create a truly haunting atmosphere for film and games. 

Elevate your horror sound design! All of the content in AMBER is original and recorded and designed by the experienced sound engineers, sound designers, and software engineers of MadRooster Game Audio Lab.

You only need to play, and let AMBER take your film and game scores to new heights of terror.

Little AMBER Interface XY pad

One Touch Simplicity

The X-Y pad is your gateway to unparalleled creative control. Fine-tune the intensity and blend between sound sources for an immersive and terrifying experience. Crafting horror sounds has never been this easy.

Little Amber Interface FX page

FX Mastery

From the subtle nuances of the chorus to the edgy twists of the bitcrusher, AMBER's effects section gives you even more tools for customisation, with a variety of modulation parameters like distortion, phaser, chorus, bit-crusher, and more.

One-Shot Wonders

Make impactful hits, craft rising tensions, or build suspense with metals and strings. One-Shot section is your guide to straightforward, yet haunting sound design. Create, customize, and captivate.

Little Amber Interface EQ Tools page

Fine Tune the Fear

AMBER has an EQ section for refined control. Easily customize and filter your sounds to get the perfect tone. Whether you're smoothing out or sharpening up, our EQ tools make it simple to shape your audio exactly how you want.

Furthermore, with AMBER's reverb section – 'SCENES' – you can use one of the custom impulse responses to place your sound design in a range of creative virtual spaces, from small reflective rooms to massive halls.

The above description is for the full (paid for) version of AMBER. The free LITTLE AMBER has the following limitations...

- One Drone
- Color layers (Side Layers) cannot be changed.
- Only “Broken Cello” and “Shockwave” can be played.
- FX and Global FX are disabled
- Only one reverb can be selected in the Scenes menu

You can buy the full AMBER here

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Leslie Heasman
Just what I was looking for

Just what I was looking for, now I can complete the soundscape I was working on easily.

Isiah K.
Little Amber to AMBER

Loved it so much I got her big sister AMBER same day lol excellent work !

Brian Keenan
Loved this so much, I bought the Full Version the same day!!

I truly loved this Library. It had exactly what I was looking for in terms of Horror Sounds!!

Thanks so much Brian, we're so pleased to hear that!

Useful but very limited

This taster library has a few nice sounds but is extremely limited and screams „buy the full version“. Not impressed.

Thank you for your review T T, we are very sorry you are not happy with the amount of content we included in Little Amber.

The library features 7 sound sources (2 sources for the XY pad, 1 drone and 4 one shots) and 1 reverb type: we felt that this content was enough to make for a good taster for the full version, which is still very competitively priced given the amount and quality of the content.

Thank you for your feedback!


Paul Reilly
Little Amber, very cool and creepy, wouldv'e liked a bit more though.

Really liked Little Amber and as a Horror Music Composer, this is perfect for me, I will be buying the full version ASAP. I would've liked a few more samples included just to give a better idea of the sounds, but what we got was good. Thanks,

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