Dronar Master Edition
Dronar Master Edition

Dronar Master Edition

Works with free Kontakt player v5.8

Massive library and sound design tool for atmospheric sounds, pads, and background textures.

Whether as a first ‘serious’ soundscape design tool, or simply as a fresh source of inspiration alongside other such instruments, Dronar Master Edition is most certainly a very worthy contender and comes highly recommended.  DRONAR Master Edition is the flagship virtual instrument of Gothic Instruments’ hugely popular and award-winning DRONAR series of atmospheric sound creation tools. Developed for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player, the 30GB (50GB uncompressed) Master Edition combines all the raw audio and 2,000+ presets from the first eight critically-acclaimed DRONAR modules into one huge beast of an instrument plug-in.

Ideal for creating dark and chilling soundscapes as well as uplifting ethereal and ambient music, the DRONAR Master Edition makes it easy to create and play highly expressive pads, patterns, textures and atmospheres for any genre.

"Whether as a first ‘serious’ soundscape design tool, or simply as a fresh source of inspiration alongside other such instruments, Dronar Master Edition is most certainly a very worthy contender and comes highly recommended." - Sound on Sound

How does it work?

Create rich and dramatic atmospheres from a very small number of notes played. DRONAR automatically spreads out the chord in the mid-range, adds a root bass note, a high note and then adds evolving sound effects. The eight simultaneous different sounds are then animated with LFOs, a rhythm sequencer and arpeggiators to bring them to life.What’s more, this sonic complexity from one hand frees up the other to expressively control dials with mouse drags or external MIDI controller knobs, and record the changes as a performance in your DAW.

"Dronar Master Edition is an immense sound design resource, with the ability to freely mix up samples across the eight libraries, bringing an effectively infinite array of interesting hybrid sounds - hitting the Randomize Samples button has never been so much fun!" - Computer Music magazine

What makes the Master Edition different from the DRONAR Modules? 

Mix and Match
- Combining the eight modules (Hybrid, Guitarscapes, Live Strings, Dark Synthesis, Cinematic Atmospheres, Vintage Synth, Brass and Metal & Glass) in one instrument means that each preset (layered live from 8 different sounds) can now mix and match thousands of raw sounds from any of the modules into endless new combinations. It’s a vast playground covering a wide range of instruments and sonic terrains waiting to be explored.

No extra software required - It's developed for use with the free Kontakt Player – so you don’t need to buy additional software to use it!

Faster - DRONAR Master Edition features a new, fast-loading, more efficient engine so they’ll be no annoying interruptions to your creative workflow.

NKS compatible - Own a Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboard? New NKS compatibility makes it even easier to browse, play, and control DRONAR Master Edition. Hear instant audio previews as you scroll quickly through the hundreds of presets browsing by category and mood. Enjoy hardware pre-mapping and control the main DRONAR dials from your hardware.

"An absolute treasure trove of textures, ambiences, leads, rhythms and atmospheres. Composers or soundtrack designers of any level and in more or less any genre (save perhaps romantic comedy) will find much to like. [...] For anyone working with cinematic sound design, this could be the last instrument you ever need to buy." - MacProVideo

The Sounds

The DRONAR modules offer sounds crossing a wide variety of audio territories and themes. Now combined into a total palette weighing in at over 50GB, the ability to mix and match audio provides endless sonic possibilities.

The 2,068 included presets are an excellent starting point for inspiration but DRONAR Master Edition is so much more than a giant bank of presets. Once you’ve tested a few, roll your sleeves up and go straight to the ‘Sounds’ page to start mixing and matching, or hit the Randomise button for endless interesting new combinations. Head over to the Arpeggiator page and experiment with expressive gating sequences and endless runs and arpeggios. The key is to explore and play to get exactly what you need, with some very pleasant surprises along the way.

Strings to synths, brass to glass, environmental noises and synthetic textures... you can craft a rich world of sound to take your listeners on an emotive journey ranging from terror and unease to one of calmness and tranquility. Dark and chilling atmospheres, unsettling synth-based soundscapes, ‘80s futuristic Nu Wave elements, ethereal and ambient textures, uplifting glacial tones, beautiful pads, and much much more... the variety of audio in DRONAR Master Edition is simply outstanding.

Key Features

  • Developed for the free Kontakt Player v5.8 or higher
  • 30GB (50GB uncompressed) sounds
  • 2,068 presetsSounds derived from the first 8 DRONAR modules
  • Mix and match raw audio for millions of combinations
  • Create rich atmospheres, textures, pads and soundscapes
  • Sound sources range from strings, synths, brass, metal, glass, found objects and more
  • Perfect for composers and sound designers, highly useful for anyone requiring pads and atmospheres for their music
  • Simple to use but offers opportunity to dive deeper with extensive features
  • 7 pages of controls – Main, Sounds, Rhythm Editor, Arpeggiator, LFO and FX, Expert, Master FX
  • NKS compatible
  • New engine for faster loading

System Requirements

This product requires the free Native Instruments Kontakt Player v5.8 or higher, the latest version can be downloaded through Native Access, Native Instrument’s download manager!

macOS 10.14 or higher
64 bit
Intel Core i5 or Apple M1 (native)
RAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Windows 10 or higher
64 bit
Intel Core i5 or similar
CPURAM: 4GB (6GB recommended)

Supported Interfaces:Mac (64-bit only): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AU, AAX

Windows (64-bit): Stand-alone, VST, VST3, AAX