A bundle containing Dronar Glitchscapes and Dronar Dark Synthesis.

The full power of the Dronar engine with the synthetic tones, complex cinematic sound design layers and glitches from two best selling DRONAR modules that deliver a twisted, supernatural, industrial and disturbing edge to your music.

DRONAR Bundle - Synthscapes Includes...

Dronar Dark Synthesis

Add tension, darkness and mystery to your music and evoke instant emotions in your audience with DRONAR: Dark Synthesis - the fourth module in Gothic Instruments' incredibly successful series of Kontakt sound design tools.

Twisted. Bold. Supernatural. Disturbing. Industrial... Heavy synthetic tones that are reminiscent of some of today's most popular TV dramas and complex cinematic sound design layers combine with DRONAR's critically acclaimed audio sculpting tools to make it easy to shape your own take on this sought after Synthwave/Retro Electro sound.

"With a huge library of ready to go sounds at your fingertips, Dark Synthesis offers a fast and very satisfying way of creating atmospheres and textures. It is straightforward and easy to use, yet it goes much deeper than at first appears." - Rekkerd.org

DRONAR Glitchscapes

Strange broken glitches, soft radio atmospheres, electric pads and more combined with an award-winning engine make Gothic Instruments DRONAR Glitchscapes one of the most strangely addictive, dramatic and powerful sounding DRONAR Kontakt modules to date.

Think David Lynch movies and award winning TV series Twin Peaks – that surreal dreamlike imagery heightened by slow building, ominous and lingering background noise.

Uniquely discomfiting soundscapes brimming with strange industrial humming and hissing, interrupted by odd threatening noises that can’t fail to induce incessant tension and uneasiness.DRONAR Glitchscapes is also a useful tool for building evocative aural landscapes for your ambient music or use the strange broken glitches to create a unique edge to electronic dance tracks.

"I can’t wait for the next dark, ominous suspense cue I get to score so that I can use Glitchscapes! Gothic Instrument’s latest atmosphere generator is a whisper of fresh feedback, delivering evolving and morphing atmospheres, unlike anything I have heard before." - SampleLibraryReview