A bundle containing Dronar Brass, Dronar Live Strings, Dronar Orchestral Woodwinds and Dronar Distorchestra.

The full power of the Dronar engine combined with strings, brass and woodwinds like you've never heard before!

The Dronar Orchestral Bundle includes...

Dronar Brass

A soundtrack from a steampunk brasstopia where synths are made of brass and run on steam power... DRONAR Brass brings a distinctively different sound to the product line. Despite beginning its journey as recordings of a concert brass group in an English church hall, with DRONAR Brass what you DON’T get is a brass sample library. What you DO get are organic, evolving atmospheric pads and pulses with a rich brassy core that can convey a mood of peace as well as heroism. 

Dronar Live Strings

From the delightfully melodic to the utterly alarming, Gothic Instruments DRONAR Live Strings features a huge range of string articulations which, thanks to the easy-to-use DRONAR engine, spring to life to present hundreds of evolving, highly playable and expressive cinematic presets to add emotion and drama to your music.

A powerful cinematic beast worthy of heaven and hell!

Dronar Orchestral Woodwinds

Perfect for media composers and sound designers, Orchestral Woodwinds has been built around premium recordings of flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe and bassoon performances. In the DRONAR Engine, eight separate sounds are animated by independent arpeggiators and modulations to conjure an otherworldly halo of hope with a hint of mythical birds and forest green. 

Dronar Distorchestra

Harking back to the cinematic sound of their popular first “Hybrid” module, Distorchestra uses orchestral samples (strings, brass and woodwinds) processed by sound design genius Alessandro Camnasio (Aquaman, Us, Fantastic Beasts) to create an infinity of complex, organic pad textures. The sounds range from beautiful and emotional to tense and horrific but they are always expressive, cinematic and the highest possible quality.