Travestía and my love for small film festivals

I’m on the train back home and yesterday was my last day at the Giro Giro Corto Film Festival in Rome, a great little independent festival entirely focused on short films. 

Sorry for my absence for the last couple of weeks, it has been busy!

I was there to present Travestía, a short film by Rogelio Sanchez Toledo which already won lots of awards including Hazlo En Corto by Cinepolis in Mexico. 

The film was finally released online and you can watch it here: 


I loved working on this and working with Rogelio was such a pleasure, it was the third short film we do together and I hope this collaboration will keep going because he’s such a talented director and writer.

The original soundtrack can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and all the others major streaming services but you can also buy it on CDbaby and Bandcamp. 

Since Rogelio lives far away and I was fairly close, I had the honor of introducing the film to the audience and I was interviewed about my experience scoring for the film. 

At the end of the screening, I was asked a last question that made me think a lot:  what does independent cinema mean to you.

What a great question, one that not too many people in this industry ask enough. 

Independent cinema is, of course (as someone else said during the festival) a condition, imposed over us by force majeure but my answer was about creativity, the topic that inspired me to start this blog.  

Independent cinema is the place to experiment in a controlled way. You can experiment because you’re independent from big production companies financing your project but you are controlled by the collaborators surrounding you, your team members.  

Independent cinema (and short films specifically) have the great power of channeling creativity into a common, big yet reachable final product and this is incredibly inspiring.  

If you’re interested in the topic, I strongly recommend reading Creativity Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull, current president of Pixar and Walt Disney Animaion Studios. It’s a fantastic book as a whole but it is specially interesting to read about their short films and what they do for experimentation and creativity at Pixar.