Team Work

This week represents an important milestone in my career and the reason is that a new documentary-series I scored together with a few other composers is airing everyday from Monday to Friday, during prime time, on RAI, the Italian national public broadcaster.

While this is not the first time I hear my music on TV, having it in such a big project is a fantastic feeling and what a great way to start the year off this was.

Now you probably also guessed the reason behind the few weeks of silence from this blog, sorry about that!  

If the workload allows it, I want to keep writing here as this became for me a space for reflection and ideas about music, art and the film scoring industry. 

I’m trying to gather everything this project taught me and it’s a lot to digest but the biggest take away for me was the importance of team work.

TV schedules are crazy and fun in a way, the need to deliver 4 to 5 episodes per week (averaging at about 20 minutes of music each) required discipline, coordination and a tight, well-oiled machine made of 6 composers and a few other collaborators, brilliantly led by the lead composer and music supervisor for the project.

Teams like these come out of nourished relationships, solid networks and a lot of people skills. Those are probably the biggest assets you can have in this industry.