There’s no doubt that Suspiria, Guadagnino’s remake of a classic, will be the first film I’m going to watch in 2019 (yes, American friends, the film isn’t out on this side of the pond yet).

Growing up with a friend who was as passionate about horror films as I am, Suspiria was my favorite and Dario Argento was our God.

And Claudio Simonetti (aka Goblin)  is responsible, along with Morricone, for my early love of film music.

I was excited about it but when it was announced that Thom Yorke was going to score it, I just went nuts. 

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you’ll know I’m not bothered at all when rock stars score films, Trent Reznor and Jonny Greenwood being my favorites.

I recently read this interview with Yorke and this sentence made me think a lot: 

“The thing that Jonny from Radiohead, advised me about was, don't work to picture if you can avoid it — try and do as much as you can off picture, just with your impressions of what's needed. Which was really helpful.”

I feel this is something that’s happening more and more in the film industry. 

Is the meaning of the concept “scoring to picture” changing?

I’m certainly inspired by the visuals even if there isn’t something that requires a lot of synching (action scenes, dramatic plot twists, etc.) but I also write a lot before actually seeing the film, just to sketch ideas out from the script.

What do you think?