Resources for the Library Music Composer - Part 2

Let’s keep going from where we left off last week.

Tips from Mark Cross!

This is a great video by Berklee Professor Mark Cross, it provides a solid starting point and a good overview. It doesn’t go very deep into the subject but if I had to suggest one single video to watch to anyone starting out in the business of writing music for libraries, this would be it.


Evenant is a great online resource for creatives and it has a fantastic selection of courses in cinematic scoring. I took a trailer music course with them last year and it was totally worth it. They now have a good selection including a course on the production music business by Emmet Cooke, author of a good book on the subject.

Christian Henson’s Vlog

Now, if I was Mr. Henson, I would be very offended about being included in this list because his blog is about much more than library music. So let’s put it this way: the fact Christian had some success with library music (together with being a fantastic film and video game composer and the founder of Spitfire Audio) is just one of the many reasons why you should be watching his channel.

Dan Graham’s new book.

This is a fake resource because Dan’s book isn’t out yet. However, I’ll make sure to get it as soon as it comes out because it will no doubt be extremely useful. I already told you about Dan last week.

Film Music Network

Some composers have also used Taxi successfully. I did use it for one year and then I decided it wasn’t for me for a number of reasons.

I’m sure someone will be mad at me for including this kind of service in this list: often it’s not a good idea to pay for the privilege of being able to submit music for a job. I would agree. However, at the very beginning of my career, FMN’s briefs helped me tremendously to build a catalog and I got some pretty good deals out of it. And I still use it occasionally.

I hope this was helpful, I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about these resources and feel free to comment with some more!