References And Communication Challenges

I strongly believe one thing: the biggest challenge of the industry we’re in is communication. 

As composers, we are part of a team that creates something special, be it a film, a game, or a show. 

As the industry grows bigger and bigger, the number of people involved in production increases and we need to deal with a lot of them.

The probability they’ll know something about music is very small and I strongly believe it’s our job to make sure they feel easy about expressing their ideas on the music for the project.

Directors are usually very “visual” people and we, as musicians, can find it difficult to communicate that way.

The common ground, as Richard Bellis suggests, is to “speak in emotions”, our mutual language. 

On top of that I think that having solid knowledge of cinema and games is incredibly important. The directors I have worked most successfully with were those who shared my taste in movies. 

When Rogelio Sanchez Toledo asked me to score this micro-film and asked me if I knew Badalamenti’s work, I knew right away what he wanted from me.

Sometimes even the much-hated temp-track can be helpful, if chosen carefully.