Opening the Gates

Spotify has been in the news a lot in the past week since it started offering the opportunity to artists to distribute their music directly on the platform.

Opening The Gates-2.png

This feature is currently exclusively available to a few selected artists in the U.S., but in the future it will allow everybody to share their music without having to go through a third-party aggregator or label.

This news got the industry talking a lot: we have started to wonder what the direct distribution deal will mean for artists and what a zero barrier to entry will represent for quality, especially considering that the upload will be completely free of charge.

I really don’t know what to make of this. While the comparison with SoundCloud comes natural, I think that this evolution in the world of music streaming was inevitable and it might be a good thing in the current scenario.

It will be interesting to see what the music distributors answer will be (here’s a few opinions about it) and I think this would help differentiate Spotify significantly from Apple Music and other competitors, as it is very unlikely that Apple would ever allow anything like this, considering how closed their environment is.

For media composers, streaming services don’t mean much, at least in comparison with other niches in the music industry. Nonetheless, as someone who does upload to several platforms through CDbaby from time to time, this is good news.

Having said that, I am rather scared about the potentially massive amount of trash (and spam, possibly leading to frauds) we will get on Spotify as a result, especially considering the complete lack of a content management system for this platform.

Let’s see what happens...