New Year's Resolution

Have you written down your New Year’s resolutions?

If I add up my personal and professional pledges for 2019 I could fill a book but here’s an interesting one I want to share with you:

Between 2016 and 2018 I basically wrote an insane amount of music. I’m talking about a few hundreds tracks. I took pretty much any job I could get my hands on, I wrote pitches and I worked on loads of briefs. 

And I loved doing that, I still do. Writing music is what I live for.

The thing that is starting to bother me though is that I’m getting tired of repeating well-tested formulas, to always put my fingers on the same notes at the piano. I feel I don’t experiment as much as I used to.

I remember watching a lot of Mike Verta’s "Unleashed" videos (check him out, he’s great: They are special super-long episodes where he critiques submitted pieces and on one of them he talked about the importance of writing fast to avoid getting tired of your own ideas.

While this was great food for thoughts, I think I took that way too seriously.

This industry doesn’t allow much “time to think” and writing fast is a skill I’m glad to have, but I want to dedicate a set amount of time per month to try out new things.

So, here’s what I’m going to do. 

I’m going to write down a concept I want to experiment with and use it here and there, when the context allows for it, in my music.

It can be anything from an orchestration idea (e.g. “try using horn + muted trumpet + flute for melodies”) to an harmonic concept to explore (e.g. “try modulating more with modal mixture”) to a new workflow (e.g. “try not using templates for a few pieces”) and everything in between.

I hope my creativity will benefit from it.

What’s your New Year’s resolution worth sharing?

Happy 2019.