Creativity and music making

Last year I bought a book that has changed my creative life in many different ways.

That book is Sylvia Massy’s “Recording Unhinged: Creative Unconventional Music Recording Techniques”.

Creativity and music making - Alessandro Mastroianni's Blog

It reminded me of the incredible power of experimenting with anything you have access to in order to create something unique.

Far from being another "everything you wanted to know about sound engineering but were afraid to ask", Recording Unhinged is about finding your own voice in anything you do in the recording studio.

Chapters like "Adventures in Recordingland""All the World's a Studio" as well as interviews to artists in every field of the music industry and the incredible art by Sylvia illustrating both successful and disastrous experiments such as hanging the singer upside down or "how to mike a chicken" gave me ideas (and laughter) for days. 

I just love this book and it constantly sits on the coffee table of my studio, ready to inspire me.

There's plenty of material for the film scoring enthusiast as well, with His Holiness Hans Zimmer giving generous contributions.

In fact the book pretty much starts with Zimmer talking about taking risks and Christopher Nolan giving him a watch at the end of his work on Interstellar and on the back it says 'This is no time for caution'.

In a world where every kid with a laptop can make music in her bedroom, creativity and uniqueness are the only viable options so go get this book and read it, you'll have tons of fun I promise!

Not to mention that Sylvia will tell you how to record the destruction of a piano with a sledgehammer AND a shotgun.