Composers and “Branding”

As a composer, I reject the idea of “branding” and I see several “colleagues” doing the same.  You see, I had to put the word colleagues in quotation marks because the idea of using jargon normally used in 9 to 5, regular jobs in the music and media industry makes me feel uncomfortable. The same is true for using the word branding.

Composers and Branding - Alessandro Mastroianni's Blog

Yet, we see in almost every book, blog, YouTube channel dedicated to film and media composers that you need to “brand” yourself in the right way if you want to be successful in this industry.

And that’s absolutely true! We do provide a “service” (you see, quotation marks again) to a “client” but the fact that what we provide is Music (an art!), makes us uncomfortable with this idea.

The way I deal with this concept in daily life as a composer is to consider branding as Jeremy Borum does in his book Guerrilla Film Scoring when he says: ”Your brand is the sum of other’s experiences with you”.

We can, indeed, shape our brand through the way we work and collaborate with others.

I like to think that our personal sound is the reason why another creative person decides to work with us, and our brand is the reason why they want to stick with us. Thanks to our “brand”, they become... “““returning customers”””.