Modernity and the Language of Film Music

A while ago I started watching Homecoming out of curiosity, in part because of my love for the excellent Mr. Robot from the same director (scored by the fantastic Mac Quayle) and in part for all the fuss about the soundtrack, entirely non-original and taken by classic movies of the past.  

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Humanity and Imperfection

If you are a film composer I’m sure you use sample libraries in your daily work.

There is a tendency in contemporary sampling techniques which I love and that is the fact that sample developers started a while ago not only to leave in the samples noises, imperfections, small tuning issues but even to add them in the recordings to infuse more realism and intimacy.

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To Kill a Mockingbird

Years ago I read a wonderful interview with the great Elmer Bernstein.

When asked about his writing process, he said that when he was given a film to score, he would spend a lot of time just watching the film with no prejudice. He tried not to think about the music at all. No thoughts about themes, harmonies or orchestration.

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